Which is the best OPGW cable hardware

Which is the best OPGW cable hardware


Vibration Damper fixed by preformed helical rods (Type A)

预绞丝preformed helical rods

线夹 Clamp

锤头 Damper Weight

Parameter table of Vibration Damper fixed by preformed helical rods

产品型号/ Catalog No.

线夹支持范围/ Suitable Conductor

总长Total length

线夹宽度Width of clamp

线夹高度Height of clamp


预绞丝长Length of the rod


Vibration Damper fixed by preformed helical rods (Type B)

The structure of OPGW cable is quite different from that of ordinary cable. When the OPGW optical cable is erected, the original transmission line must be cut off, and it is strictly prohibited to construct under the severe weather conditions such as strong wind, thunderstorm, hot summer, etc. Therefore, when the OPGW cable arrives at the site to prepare for construction, the problems that need to be paid attention to will be more complex. As a unit of optical cable industry, Hunan optical fiber Association will analyze the key problems in the construction of OPGW optical cable today?
1. The splitting and reserved length of OPGW cable fittings will decrease with each fiber signal passing through a joint. In the actual engineering design, OPGW optical cable is generally produced with fixed length, and cannot be connected in the middle. The joint must use special junction box. Therefore, the segmentation of OPGW shall be considered in combination with the line conditions, construction site, tower type, manufacturing and transportation conditions, etc.

During the design, the quantity, model and length of optical cable shall be indicated in the construction schedule of OPGW optical cable. The influence of cable sag, junction box and reserved length in the station shall be considered for the length of each cable. Generally, the pole position with junction box shall be increased by 60m, and the reserved length when entering the substation shall be considered as 150m. During maintenance, when OPGW cables are reconnected and moved locally, it is necessary to extend them. Therefore, the design length of OPGW cable at joints, complex sections and important intersections should be properly reserved.

2. According to the mechanical calculation based on the meteorological conditions of the actual project, the OPGW cable must meet the requirements of the mechanical and electrical service conditions:

① : the design safety factor of OPGW cable fittings is greater than that of conductor;

② Under the air temperature of 15 ℃ and no wind conditions, the distance between the midspan conductor and OPGW cable shall meet the requirements of s ≥ 0.012l in the specification


③ : in consideration of the above conditions, the verticality of the other ground wire shall be kept at the same level as far as possible. According to the above requirements, the characteristic curve and installation curve of OPGW cable are calculated.