OPGW cable fittings

OPGW cable fittings

引下线夹/ Download Clamp


钢带抱箍/ Stainless steel tape, 夹缆件/ Cable clamp, 塔用夹具/ Tower clamp

功能用途/ Function and Purpose

The main function of the download clamp is to fasten cables to the poles in order to protect them from shake and abrasion.

产品特点/ Product characteristic

The clamp is applicable to the various types of OPGW.

选型方法/  Lectotype Method

²  1 set every 1.5 m.

²  Supply the diameter of the Installation point of the poles.

²  According to the diameter of OPGW.

²  2 sets / Strain tower

²  1 set / Strain pole

The instantaneous high temperature of OPGW cable will not pose a serious threat to buffer protection fiber. When the temperature is over 140 ℃, the tensile strength of Al and Al Mg alloys begins to decrease. When the temperature is over 200 ℃, irreversible plastic deformation will occur under tension. In case of irreversible plastic deformation, the structure of OPGW will be damaged and the verticality of OPGW will be increased on the line, which will affect the safety between OPGW and conductor. Secondly, if the anti-corrosion paste on the outer layer of OPGW is burned locally, it is difficult to ensure the long-term safe operation of OPGW. Because OPGW cable fittings are erected on site all the year round and affected by various environments, they can be realized through the anti-corrosion of metal itself Now, the anti-corrosion paste is widely used in OPGW. When the flash point of paste is lower than the short-circuit current, if it causes instantaneous high temperature, the OPGW will not be protected by the paste after the short-circuit current, which will directly affect its service life. Therefore, the flash point and over-current temperature must match the anti-corrosion paste.

The premise of safe and reliable operation of OPGW is that its structure and technical characteristics must meet the service conditions of power line ground wire. Because OPGW adopts optical fiber unit, the structure of ground wire has changed. The design structure of OPGW optical cable fittings can not only meet the needs of communication, but also meet the needs of the maximum current required by the line design in a certain period of time for short circuit (generally single-phase ground short circuit). The short-circuit current test is the key index to meet this requirement. The structural design and material selection shall be close to the actual situation of OPGW as much as possible, and certain margin shall be considered to ensure the safe operation of the line