OPGW cable hardware manufacturer

OPGW cable hardware manufacturer

引下线夹/ Download Clamp


钢带抱箍/ Stainless steel tape, 夹缆件/ Cable clamp, 塔用夹具/ Tower clamp

功能用途/ Function and Purpose

The main function of the download clamp is to fasten cables to the poles in order to protect them from shake and abrasion.

产品特点/ Product characteristic

The clamp is applicable to the various types of OPGW.

选型方法/  Lectotype Method

²  1 set every 1.5 m.

²  Supply the diameter of the Installation point of the poles.

²  According to the diameter of OPGW.

²  2 sets / Strain tower

²  1 set / Strain pole

Optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW optical cable fittings) is used as shield wire and lightning wire of transmission line, which has protective effect on lightning flashover. When the transmission line is short circuited, it plays a shielding role and reduces the interference of short circuit current to the power grid and communication network. At the same time, audio, video, data and various control signals can be transmitted on the ground through optical fiber composite materials to achieve multi-channel broadband communication.
When the ground wire of the optical cable is disconnected somewhere in the operation line or the core is broken, it is not suitable to replace all the disconnected OPGW immediately. Other types of optical cables (ADSS, gwwop, etc.) can be used to connect disconnected OPGW. In general, due to the rapid development of optical cable communication technology, suspension tension hardware strings can be used to connect optical cables on ordinary straight towers, or even special gears can be used to replace the damaged OPGW. At the same time, two intermediate junction boxes are added. With the increasing tension of power line corridors, OPGW can replace the common ground wire on the old lines and open up optical fiber communication. At the same time, before the old line is disconnected for a long time, the cable is not connected. If the suspension strain string is used, it will be easier to solve this problem.

The ordinary straight tower adopts suspension strain string to fix the cable, so that the intermediate junction box is placed on the straight tower, the structure and load of the original tower are not changed, the new and old lines are connected with optical fiber, and the connection position is more flexible, which has good economic benefits for the new construction, transformation and maintenance of OPGW optical fiber cable hardware line.