What are the other advantages of pre twisted electric fittings?

2020-01-08 09:37:18 2642

1. It is a complex and time-consuming process to use the corresponding installation tools during the installation of simple ordinary hardware, while the pre twisted hardware benefits from its unique structure. In the whole installation process, workers only need to wind each pre twisted wire in a predetermined direction, without any auxiliary tools, so as to reduce the installation difficulty and load when climbing the tower, and facilitate the visual inspection of the installation quality.

2. In the process of power grid construction in China, due to the low cost of materials and convenient processing, ferromagnetic material accessories such as the suspension clamp of pre twisted power fittings have been widely used. However, with the development of research on ferromagnetic hardware, people pay more and more attention to the problem of high energy consumption in line operation. In order to reduce the energy consumption of fittings, energy-saving aluminum alloy fittings are generally used at home and abroad, and pre twisted fittings are generally made of aluminum alloy materials. Compared with ferromagnetic fittings, aluminum alloy fittings can not only meet the mechanical strength requirements of transmission lines, but also have obvious energy-saving effect. According to the energy consumption test report of three typical suspension clamps provided by Beijing PLP company of China Electric Power Research Institute, the energy consumption of each traditional ferromagnetic clamp is 58.8w, and the energy consumption of each anti corona aluminum alloy clamp is - 20.0w. The experimental data shows that the aluminum alloy hardware has almost no loss, but the conductive section of the conductor is increased, and the transmission energy consumption of the line is reduced. Among them, the energy consumption of each AGS is the lowest, 146% lower than that of ferromagnetic material and 35.5% lower than that of anti corona aluminum alloy.

3. The pre twisted alloy tool with strong corrosion resistance is usually made of the same material as the surface of the wire, which can effectively reduce the electrochemical corrosion caused by different metals in the electrical environment, and extend the service life of the pre twisted power hardware and wire in the wet, foggy, acid rain and other natural environment in the south of China.

4. The pre twisted fittings with strong applicability are not only suitable for a series of common conductor and ground wire models such as ACSR, ACSR, ACSR, galv, etc., but also suitable for insulated conductor, high temperature conductor, ADSS and OPGW. Through the application effect evaluation, the pre twisted fittings can be applied to almost all overhead transmission lines.