What are the uses and characteristics of the tension clamp of ADSS cable fittings?

2020-01-08 09:33:31 2686

Use of tension clamp: ADSS pre strand tension clamp is mainly used for fixing and anchoring of overhead self-supporting ADSS optical cable line, which is generally installed in terminal tower, tension tower, angle tower, etc. Each group of pre strand tension clamp assembly includes: inner strand and outer strand. And the tab. Users can select other ADSS cable fittings according to the design requirements.

Features: the grip strength of the pre twisted clamp to the conductor (optical cable) can reach more than 95% of the ultimate tensile strength (R.T.s) of the conductor (optical cable), which is not affected by stress concentration and vibration stress.

Single layer tension clamp application: ADSS single layer tension clamp, similar to tension clamp. It is mainly used for angle, tension, terminal and other towers with a short span of 50-200m. It is not only suitable for overhead optical cable, but also for the anchoring installation of overhead conductor and stay wire, as well as the traction clamp in the construction of optical cable. Features: simple structure, quick and convenient installation. Composition: the single-layer tension clamp is composed of pre twisted wire, pull ring, U-ring, etc. the single-layer tension clamp can also be made of aluminum clad steel wire or galvanized steel wire according to the purpose and user requirements. It is composed of inner stranded wire, outer stranded wire, embedded ring, U-ring, extension ring, bolt, nut, closed pin, etc.

1. The applied force has no center point, and the stress is even, which has a good protective effect on the optical cable.

2. Under the premise of not exceeding the side pressure strength of the optical cable, it has a greater grip on the optical cable and can bear a greater tension.

3. The grip strength on the optical cable shall not be less than 95% of the UTS of the optical cable, which is fully suitable for the needs of optical cable erection.

Service conditions of ADSS optical cable fittings: terminal tower, tension tower, tower with large height difference, connection of tower with angle (elevation angle) > 25 ° and connecting tower.


According to the user's needs, the configuration strength is 70kN, 80KN, 100kN, 120kn, etc.